Take the guesswork out of ordering templates, and save time and money, with my unbranded website!  Simply send your clients to and have them follow the steps below (steps are on the unbranded website for their reference).

1.  Browse the products and find what they love!
2.  Copy the URL of each product or make note of the SKU number.
3.  Contact you with the URL or SKU number.

If you’re supplied with the page URL, you only need to copy and paste it into your web browser to locate it and order it.  If your client provides you with the SKU number, you can go and enter the SKU in the Search field at the top of the screen. 


Or, if you prefer to order through Etsy, you can go to and enter the SKU number in the Search field below the shop header graphic.  


Please contact me at if you need any assistance or have any questions.