Terms of Use

Hummingbird Press reserves the right to change, modify or update the Terms of Use for all templates and designs with or without notice.  All templates are fully layered Photoshop PSD files unless otherwise noted (i.e. some forms may come in Word or Excel format).   You will need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to customize the templates, and have the ability to work with clipping masks, color overlays, layers, text warps and text.  Templates are for professional photographic use or personal use.  A basic Instructions pdf is included with each template to assist you.


1.  Create finished products for yourself and/or your photography clients such as cards, albums, collages etc.  Any images sent to your clients must be flattened jpg files (i.e. mockups, Facebook Timelines etc).

2.  Create marketing materials for your studio, both online and in print.

3.  Showcase products youve created with the templates / designs using your photos, both online and in print.  *If you create a catalog please credit the designs appropriately Designs by Hummingbird Press – www.thehbpress.com.


1.  Share, resell, or make the templates / designs available for download, in whole or in part. 

2.  Send unflattened (layered) files to any client or third party.

3.  Claim these templates / designs as your own.

4.  Use the templates / designs, or elements from the templates / designs, to design products to be sold online or in print.  Including but not limited to:  Etsy, Zazzle, Spoonflower, Ebay etc.

5.  Use the templates / designs in any offensive, pornographic, illegal or derogatory context, whether directly or indirectly.  Or use the templates / designs in a way, which would violate the rights to privacy or publicity, copyright, trade name, trademarks, domain names or service marks of any natural or legal persons.

By purchasing a template, or downloading a free template from Hummingbird Press, you accept the Terms of Use and are granted a license to use templates as stated above.  Violation of the Terms of Use will result in immediate revocation of that license.  Please check your colors, bleeds, file specifications, and text prior to printing.  Hummingbird Press is not responsible for printing errors.  *If you have purchased a form, contract, release etc., please be aware that the forms have not been created by an attorney.  The forms are general and meant to be customized with your specific needs in accordance with the laws of your State or Country.  All templates are copyrighted by Hummingbird Press, all credit for the designs must be attributed appropriately.